At least 25% upsize in your Tax Refund, across 50 countries

Only with utu Tax Free Card

The utu Tax Free Card is the only virtual card that upsizes your tourist Tax Refunds. At least 25% more in your preferred Frequent Flier Miles. In UAE, France & Italy and 47 other shopping destinations. For EUR transactions, you can earn 5% more cash refunds.

utu Tax Free Card, revolutionizing your Tax Refunds


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Create your utu account and receive your virtual utu Tax Free Card in a matter of minutes

Make utu Tax Free Card your refund destination

Whether on a refund kiosk in Dubai or a manual form in Europe, input utu Tax Free Card’s number in the credit card refund field. Complete customs formalities as instructed by the refund operator.

Let utu Tax Free Card work its magic

Once your refund is processed by the operator, utu notifies and gives you the choice of upsizing in airmiles or cash (where applicable).

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