A new way to upsize
your Tax-Refund

Choose between 25% upsize in Frequent Flyer Miles

or a 5% cashback boost.

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Introducing the utu Tax Free Card

Register, activate and designate your refund to utu Tax Free Card to enjoy a 25% upsize.

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Upsize your refund by 25% when you get refunded in Frequent Flyer Miles!

Use the calculator to see how much more you get with utu Tax Free Card.

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5% extra cash. Unlocked.

When you shop in Euros (€), choose to receive your refund with an additional 5% cash.

Any shop. Any brand.

Any Tax-Free form

Use your utu Tax Free Card number on ANY tax-free form issued to you in 50 countries and enjoy your upsize.


Register & receive your free utu Tax Free Card

Receive your utu Tax Free Card instantly and select Frequent Flyer Miles or cashback as your refund method.

Make utu Tax Free Card your refund destination

Whether on a refund kiosk in Dubai or a form in Europe, input utu Tax Free Card’s number in the credit card refund field. Follow customs formalities as instructed by the refund operator.

Let utu Tax Free Card work its magic

Once your refund is processed by the operator, utu will notify you of your upsized refund.

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